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Updating Pro Gold i2 to the Latest Version

In order to use Pro Gold i2 effectively, it is highly recommended to keep Pro Gold i2 updated to the current version.

Advantages of the current version include:

To Update Your Pro Gold XP Software

To download and install the most recent version of Pro Gold i2:

  1. Make sure no other users are in Pro Gold i2
  2. Open Pro Gold i2
  3. Go into the Setup Tab
  4. Select Download Live Update
  5. Select Continue
  6. When the download is finished, click OK to the prompt
  7. Ensure all other users have logged off Pro Gold i2, select Install Update from the Setup Tab and log into Pro Gold i2 when the login screen appears
  8. Once one computer has performed the download and installation of the new version, all other users may open Pro Gold i2. Upon opening Pro Gold i2 they will receive a message “There is a newer version of Pro Gold i2, do you wish to install?” Click Yes to the message and Pro Gold i2 will update on that computer.

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